About Us

the company

Hey Y’all!

My name is Katherine Robertson and I am the owner/creative mind behind Sweet Pea Floral. Over the years I have had a dream to own my own business and I finally took a leap of faith and here we are! With the help of my friends and family I have created this company to give clients the finest floral designs at a reasonable price. At Sweet Pea Floral, we pride ourselves on hard work and the ability to make your wildest dreams come to life. Our passion for design is what drives us to make each relationship with our clients a special one. We love to think outside the box and create beautiful and unique designs for each one of our amazing clients. 

*We custom price each wedding and event individually. 

Fun Fact: Sweet Pea was my family nickname growing up as a kid and still is today. 

a little about me


Throughout the years I have lived all across North Alabama but I grew up in Decatur, Alabama. When I graduated from Austin High School in 2011 I had a goal to go to college, get a degree, and find my true purpose in life. Funny how things work out…I attended the University of North Alabama, got my degree in business, but still had some work to do finding my true purpose. 

During my freshman year at UNA I met my future husband Gary. We survived our college years and somehow made it through all the mixers, glittery costumes, and late night study sessions. In 2015, Gary finally popped the question and we started planning a wedding! I graduated later that year and we bought our first home in Madison, Alabama. We purchased the cutest fixer-upper that has gotten a full face-lift in the past three years – I had to channel my inner Joanna Gains! In April of 2016 we got married in front of friends and family, and the story of our lives officially began a new chapter.

We currently have two fur babies named Sadie and Gracie (pictured below). They pretty much run the house, and sometimes their grandparents’ house. I finally got my college degree, a husband, and a home, but I still had this weird feeling I didn’t have a purpose in life. It wasn’t until my grandmother passed away in 2017 that I realized what I needed to do. FLOWERS. I needed to design, to have a creative outlet, learn to trust in the Lord, and follow a dream. So here we are today….embracing my passion for flowers through my business. 

Fun Fact: In 2014, I completed an internship at Walt Disney World. I worked in Epcot selling merchandise and it was not only amazing but also educational. I want to implement my Disney experience in Sweet Pea Floral because it showed me how a business works, but more importantly, it inspired me to believe that I could reach further and achieve my goals. Aside from a Wholesaler’s flower cooler, Disney is my happy place! I have loved Disney since I was a child and no matter much time passes, it helps me believe in a little magic. 

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things